Aug 14, 2022  
Middlesex Community College Academic Catalog and Handbook 2022-23 
Middlesex Community College Academic Catalog and Handbook 2022-23

Introduction to the College

Middlesex Community College celebrated 50 years as an institution in September 2020. Since its inception in 1970, Middlesex has grown to become one of the largest, most comprehensive community colleges in Massachusetts. MCC features two distinct campuses - one in suburban Bedford and the other in the center of the city of Lowell - and a strong, innovative online learning platform. MCC has a total annual enrollment of more than 11,000 credit students and 2,500 noncredit students.

The Bedford campus is situated on 200 acres located off Springs Road, close to Route 3. Set on landscaped and wooded grounds bordering the town of Billerica, the campus incorporates 11 buildings that house classrooms, laboratories, offices, the Bedford Campus Library, a Medical Education Imaging Center and concert hall. A bookstore, cafeteria, fitness center, student lounge and Center for Health & Wellness are located in the Bedford Campus Center.


The Lowell campus is located on the riverfront at Kearney Square. It includes the main five-story Cowan Center - with classrooms, offices and the cafeteria. The Federal Building, located directly across Merrimack Street, houses the Lowell Campus Library, as well as additional classrooms, a visual arts studio/classroom, and conference areas.

The newly renovated Richard & Nancy Donahue Family Academic Arts Center (AAC) is home to the college’s performing arts - including theatre, dance and music programs. The AAC showcases a variety of theatrical productions, dance recitals and music concert series.    

Lowell is also the home to the recently renovated MCC Health, Science & Technology Center, located on nearby Middle Street. It includes the newly renovated Middlesex Dental Hygiene Clinic, classrooms, laboratories and the Nursing Learning Center. While our state-of-the-art Cybersecurity Lab is across the street in the Pollard Building, the newly renovated Biotechnology Lab is located on the fifth floor of the Talbot Building.

A leader of award-winning online education for over 20 years, Middlesex has built upon its solid foundation of success and effective online teaching. MCC faculty and staff develop courses that are specially designed to run online, creating immersive and interactive educational experiences. Students can choose between taking courses fully online with class meeting times, fully online with no class meeting times, or hybrid courses taught online with on-campus lectures or labs.

Historic Home  

Middlesex maintains the historic John Nesmith House, located on Andover Street in Lowell. Opened and decorated as a Designer Showhouse in 1994, Nesmith House also is supported by the MCC Foundation.

For detailed information regarding historic properties, call 978-458-3722 or visit the Historic Home website.



Middlesex Community College is committed to providing an equitable and accessible education for all students. By offering high-quality, affordable and flexible course options, student services, resources and engagement opportunities - Middlesex helps students achieve excellence, innovation and success. MCC is central to evolving the educational, cultural, economic and workforce needs of the community.

Understanding that students bring with them different backgrounds and lived experiences, MCC seeks to highlight their individual strengths and guide them on their personal educational paths. Guided pathways focused on helping students reach their goals provide students with opportunities and personal and professional growth. With more than 80 degree and certificate programs, as well as many short-term, highly focused programs in selected career fields, students can take classes during the day, evening and online. MCC students can also complete selected bachelor’s degree programs offered in conjunction with Massachusetts’ state colleges and universities via MassTransfer.

As an institution serving a diverse population of students, Middlesex strives to build and maintain an inclusive environment that fosters the success of all students. A welcoming community for all who come to the college, MCC takes seriously the responsibility of creating equitable outcomes for all students, and helping them achieve them. The student population at Middlesex ranges from recent high school graduates to adults returning to school. Whether attending full-time or part-time, students can enroll in academic degree or certificate programs, prepare to transfer for a bachelor’s degree, enter the workforce, or take courses for credit toward professional certification and career advancement.

A leader in the surrounding communities of Bedford and Lowell, Middlesex helps strengthen the economy and workforce of the Commonwealth. In addition to educating well-prepared and hard-working graduates for the workforce, MCC offers an extensive array of noncredit courses for employers and employees in the region to receive personal and professional development opportunities. From senior adults engaging in enrichment courses, adult learners updating skills or starting a new profession, to kids taking productive and fun summer programs - Middlesex enriches lives through lifelong education. The college is committed to promoting student involvement in learning and to providing the academic support that gives our students the ability to succeed.

Recent demographic studies show that 32 percent of MCC students attend full time; 69 percent of first-time, full-time students receive financial aid; and 34 percent have had experience at another college prior to coming to Middlesex. 

Beyond its academic functions and student learning outcomes, MCC stays attuned and responsive to all its varied constituencies through outreach programs and partnerships with schools, businesses and professional and cultural organizations.