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Middlesex Community College Academic Catalog 2007-2009 
Middlesex Community College Academic Catalog 2007-2009 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Services

Student life at Middlesex reflects the diversity of the students who attend the college. Our student body is a lively mix of recent high school graduates, returning adults, parents, full-time employees and veterans. MCC offers a wide variety of student services — programs, activities and special support services — to assist students in their academic studies, as well as provide opportunities for personal and social growth.

Career Services Office


Career guidance, information and resources are available through MCC’s Career Services Office. Students who are uncertain about their career direction, who would like more information about career opportunities, or who have questions about the job-search process are encouraged to meet with a career counselor. Students may also access a variety of online and print resources housed on the Career Services Web pages, and in the Career Resource Centers, located on both campuses.

Career counselors offer individual appointments, administer and interpret career assessments, make classroom presentations, and host campus events. They assist students in exploring, researching and preparing for potential careers and specific occupations. Students are encouraged to “try out” career options through informational interviews, job shadowing, Service-Learning opportunities, and volunteer or part-time jobs.

Students who are engaged in the job-search process can meet with career counselors to develop effective resumes and cover letters, learn how to utilize the Internet in their search, and prepare for interviews. The Career Services Office also hosts a variety of employers on campus, and maintains listings of part-time and full-time positions.

Students are always welcome to stop by and utilize the resources of the Career Services Office. Individual appointments may be scheduled by calling 781-280-3670 (Bedford campus) and 978-656-3252 (Lowell campus). For more information about careers and our services, visit the Career Services website at www.middlesex.mass.edu.

Personal Counseling and Consultation Services


Students who have any concerns — from a minor dilemma to a major crisis – are encouraged to contact a personal counselor through MCC’s Personal Counseling and Consultation Services. Personal counselors are licensed mental health professionals who are available, free of charge, to support and assist students coping with personal difficulties that may be interfering with their academic progress. Students may discuss issues such as family problems, concerns about alcohol and drug abuse, lack of self-confidence, relationship conflicts or college-related stress. They may also want to talk about academic concerns, including issues of motivation, patterns of academic failure, time management, and/or test anxiety.

Personal counselors help students explore their concerns in a way that is caring and confidential. Personal counseling is short-term and goal oriented. In cases where students require extended therapy or specialized assistance, a referral listing of local agencies and resources is available. In addition to individual appointments, workshops and other educational programs are offered periodically throughout the year, on such topics as stress management, depression and conflict resolution.

Personal counselors also consult to faculty and staff, providing information, training and support around a variety of issues related to working with students. While faculty/staff members are encouraged to share their concerns about students with a personal counselor, any information a counselor may have access to about students will be kept strictly confidential and will not be shared.

Appointments for personal counseling are recommended to ensure counselor availability. In Bedford, the Personal Counseling and Consultation Services office is located in the Enrollment Center (Building 9), Second Floor. In Lowell, the office is located in the City Building, Third Floor. To schedule an appointment, or for more information, stop by or call 781-280-3637 (Bedford) or 978-656-3258 (Lowell).



Designed to primarily assist adult learners, Links is a tuition-free, start-to-college partnership program between MCC and the Massachusetts Department of Education (DOE). Eligible students have the opportunity to earn seven to 10 credits in a program designed to provide individual assessment of skills, assistance with career planning, and academic guidance and support, as they begin their college education.

Eligible applicants must:

  • Have a GED credential or high school diploma (preference is given to students who have studied in a DOE-funded Adult Basic Education program);
  • Be a Massachusetts resident;
  • Take computerized placement tests (CPT) at MCC and place into Basic Writing, Algebra I, or both.

Links classes are held Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9 a.m. to 2:45 p.m., on the Bedford campus, with new classes starting each fall and spring. The program pays for the seven to 10 credits, course books and college services, including the CPT. For more information, call 781-280-3654.

Related topics: MCC has other resources and services available for adult learners: The Adult Learning Center (see Corporate and Community Education ); Credit for Prior Learning (see Transfer Information ); and MILES (Middlesex Institute for Lifelong Education for Seniors) (see Corporate and Community Education ).

Disability Support Services


The collegiate experience at Middlesex, on campus and in the classroom, is open to students of varying abilities and levels of adaptive skills. Supportive faculty and staff, as well as fellow students, encourage all students to participate in extracurricular and class activities. The Disability Support Services (DSS) Office provides services and resources to empower each student to attain his/her highest level of academic success and learning independence.

The DSS Office provides services and/or accommodations to eligible students with documented physical, psychiatric and learning disabilities. Pre-registration advising, tutoring, testing accommodations, and self-advocacy training can augment equal access to those who are otherwise qualified for a post-secondary education. Individualized accommodation plans are developed with disability support specialists. All information shared with DSS remains confidential. For further information, call 781-280-3630.

Health Service


The Health Service Office at each campus provides health education programs and activities to promote physical and emotional well being. Information is available on topics such as nutrition, fitness, stress reduction, birth control, sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS, smoking cessation, alcohol/drug issues, and cancer prevention. Students, faculty and staff can receive evaluation of acute minor illnesses and injuries, and referrals to appropriate health care providers, as necessary. Free services are available on a walk-in basis or by appointment, and include confidential discussion about individual health questions or concerns.

MCC’s Health Service also provides referrals to low-cost vaccine clinics for the required state-mandated immunizations. For additional information call 781-280-3765 (Bedford campus), 978-656-3235 (Lowell campus) or visit the Health Service page on the college website: www.middlesex.mass.edu.

Fitness, Wellness and Recreation


Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to participate in fitness, recreational and educational programs and events that inspire positive change in individual and collective health and wellness. Programs are offered to help foster physical, social and spiritual well being.

The Fitness Center - Located in the Campus Center in Bedford, the Fitness Center is a free facility available to all MCC students, faculty and staff. Offering weight-training machines, cardiovascular exercise machines, and free weights, the Fitness Center also contains written information pertaining to fitness and wellness. Fitness Center staff members will assist you in planning a well-balanced program designed to your needs, capabilities and present level of fitness.

UMASS Lowell Recreation Center - MCC students are encouraged to purchase discounted memberships to the UMASS Lowell Recreation Center, a state-of-the-art facility located at 100 Pawtucket St. in Lowell. Memberships are offered at a discounted rate and entitle students to full use of all weight-training equipment, free weights, exercise bicycles, studio space, swimming pool, sauna and a variety of ball courts (volleyball, basketball, racquetball and squash).

Intramural Sports, Sports Clubs and Recreation - Middlesex students are encouraged to join an existing sport club or start a new one. Sport clubs are eligible to participate in the UMASS Lowell Intramural Program, competing against other intramural teams in the league. Seasonal activities and recreational tournaments are also organized and coordinated at MCC, according to student interest.

Fitness and Exercise - Various fitness classes are offered at both campuses throughout the year, depending on participants’ interests. Examples of classes recently offered include step, cardio-pump, kickboxing and low-impact aerobics, as well as yoga and CPR.

For more information about any of these programs, visit the Fitness Center on the Bedford campus or Student Activities Office on the Lowell campus.

Student Activities and Governance


The Student Activities Office on each campus is a center for the planning and sponsorship of events, programs and presentations that reflect students’ ideas, interests and leadership. A broad spectrum of activities provides opportunities to develop and enhance leadership skills, and to participate in student government, clubs and organizations. MCC’s Bedford campus Student Activities Office is located in Campus Center (Room 203); 781-280-3762. In Lowell, the Student Activities Office is located in the City Building, Fourth Floor (Room 407); 978-656-3394.

Student Union Government Association (SUGA)

Made up of representatives chosen in annual elections at both campuses, SUGA members represent the rights and concerns of the entire student body. They serve on college-wide committees with faculty and staff members, and share responsibility in allocating a portion of funds from Student Services charges to on-campus student clubs and organizations.

Student Handbook


Published annually, the Student Handbook provides a comprehensive explanation of college policies, student disciplinary procedures, student rights and responsibilities, and student services. The Student Grievance Procedure for complaints regarding college policies, practices or personnel is also detailed in the Student Handbook. Copies are available in the Dean of Students Office, the Student Activities Offices and Student Information Centers. The complete Student Handbook is available online at: www.middlesex.mass.edu/studenthandbook. Inquiries related to college regulations, student conduct and the Student Grievance Procedure should be directed to Pamela Flaherty, Dean of Students, 781-280-3631, Bedford campus, Enrollment Center (Building 9), Room 202.

TRIO and GEAR UP Programs


Middlesex Community College supports four collegiate and precollegiate federal TRIO programs, and the state/federal GEAR UP: Massachusetts precollegiate program. The collegiate TRIO programs assist students who are low income, the first generation in their family to attend college, or individuals with disabilities. MCC’s precollegiate student support programs work with students who are low income or are potentially the first generation in their family to attend college.

Collegiate TRIO Programs

The Program for Student Achievement

Established in the fall of 2001, the Program for Student Achievement provides services to eligible MCC students with disabilities in conjunction with the Disabilities Support Services Office. Students may receive individual tutoring, academic and career advising, assistance with transfer and financial aid, as well as opportunities to participate in cultural events. The objective of the program is to enhance academic skills while increasing retention and graduation rates, and fostering a supportive campus climate.

Student Support Services/Student Success Program

Offering 200 TRIO-eligible MCC students comprehensive and coordinated services that significantly increase rates of retention, graduation, and transfer to bachelor degree-granting institutions, the Student Support Services/Student Success Program began in 1995. Students receive tutoring in math and writing; academic, personal, career, transfer and financial-aid advising; study skills and other skill-building workshops; culturally enriching field trips and college visits; and computer-assisted instruction.

Precollegiate Programs


Upward Bound - is a carefully planned and intensive program of college preparation tailored to meet the specialized needs of students in grades 9-12. This semester-based, credited academic program is designed to assist 50 students enrolled at Lowell High School who are low income and/or first-generation college-bound students.

Educational Talent Search - targets TRIO-eligible Lowell students in grades 6-12 and fosters academic success, high-school completion, parent outreach, college/career awareness and post-secondary placement. Each year, 725 students are served; approximately 40 percent of Talent Search graduates are placed at MCC.

GEAR UP: Massachusetts

MCC’s GEAR UP: Massachusetts Program is a student support program for students in grades 7-12, funded by the U.S. Department of Education and managed by the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education. GEAR UP stands for “gaining early awareness and readiness for undergraduate programs” and is a program designed to give low-income students the skills, encouragement and preparation needed to pursue post-secondary education. It also strengthens academic programs and student services at participating schools. GEAR UP serves 375 students annually and has strong objectives that align to the public schools’ adequate yearly progress (AYP), as required by the federal No Child Left Behind Act.

Student Organizations

Numerous clubs and organizations are recognized at MCC and all students are invited to participate.

  • The Art Gallery Association
  • Amnesty International
  • AWARE (Association for Wellness and Related Education)
  • Basketball Club
  • Bowling Club
  • Community Service Club
  • Creative Writing
  • Dance Club
  • Dental Assisting Club
  • Future Graphic Designers of America
  • Hockey Club
  • International Club
  • Middlesex Activity Crew
  • Multicultural Committee
  • Performing Arts Club
  • Radiography Club
  • Soccer Club
  • Sonography Club
  • SADHA (Student American Dental Hygienists Association)
  • SUGA (Student Union Government Association)

For more information on any of these organizations and clubs, or on how to organize a new club, stop by the Offices of Student Activities, located on both campuses.


College Facilities


Textbooks and course materials are available for purchase at bookstores operated by Follett College Stores. The Bedford campus bookstore is located in the Campus Center; the Lowell campus bookstore is located in MCC’s Derby Building, 88 Middle St. To order books online, visit www.middlesex.bkstr.com.

Cafeterias and Vending Machines

During fall and spring semesters the college has a full-service cafeteria in operation on each campus. Cafeterias are located in the Bedford Campus Center, and in Lowell on the Ground Floor of the City Building. Hours of operation are subject to change based upon the varying needs of students, faculty and staff. Vending machine services are provided on a year-round basis in most of the college’s facilities.


A small number of childcare openings (on a sliding payment scale, depending on financial need) may be available in Lowell at the Children’s Village, located on Market Street next to the Roy Garage. This facility is open Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. For more information, contact Community Teamwork at 978-453-1490.

The MCC Theatre

A newly renovated flexible-seating performance space with full light and sound systems, The MCC Theatre is located at 5 E. Merrimack St. (rear entrance), in Lowell. The 90-seat theater is home to The MCC Theatre Company, a community of students that forms each semester to rehearse, build and market a variety of productions. For further information, visit the college Performing Arts website: www.middlesex.mass.edu/performingarts.


Parking at MCC requires a valid Student Parking Sticker, issued each academic year in Lowell at the Security Desk on the Ground Floor of the City Building, and in Bedford at the Fitness Center located in the Campus Center.

Student parking is available in designated lots on the Bedford campus. Validated student parking is available at designated municipal garages in Lowell. Since parking areas can become overcrowded at certain times of the day, students are advised to arrive early and allow extra time to park. See Maps and Directions for student parking areas on both campuses. For complete parking information, consult the Student Handbook.