Sep 21, 2023  
Middlesex Community College Academic Catalog 2021-22 
Middlesex Community College Academic Catalog 2021-22 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Policies and Regulations

Readiness to Return Policy

Middlesex Community College recognizes the well-being of all members of the MCC community is critical to the attainment of their educational outcomes.  The Readiness to Return Policy and accompanying procedures are in place to support the prevention of potential threats to the health and safety of the MCC community.  This process accommodates students who are in distress or at risk for harm to self or others in order to provide them with the necessary tools and resources to be successful. 

The Readiness to Return Policy is applied in accordance with the College’s Student Assessment and Intervention protocols and the Student Code of Conduct.  Students at risk will meet with the Dean of Students or designee in order to discuss the students’ readiness to return, determine appropriate next steps, and prepare an individual student success plan.  A Provider Communication Form must be submitted from a qualified medical professional to verify the student is not a danger to themselves or the MCC community.