Feb 26, 2021  
Middlesex Community College Academic Catalog 2014-15 
Middlesex Community College Academic Catalog 2014-15 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Institutional Student Learning Outcomes

Institutional Student Learning Outcomes
The Middlesex Community College graduate will use discipline-associated knowledge acquired at the college as a foundation for continued study and/or practical application, as follows:

  • Freshman and sophomore foundation for transfer

  • Professional skills for careers (degree or certificate) 

Additionally, the MCC community has identified the following skills and abilities as essential to our students’ learning and development. We provide a wide range of curricular and co-curricular learning opportunities for students to develop and practice these skills and abilities, and we assess student achievement of these ISLOs on an ongoing basis to ensure that our graduates are well-prepared for their future academic and career endeavors:

  • Written and Oral Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Quantitative Literacy
  • Multicultural and Global Literacy
  • Social Responsibility
  • Personal and Professional Development