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Middlesex Community College Academic Catalog and Student Handbook 2023-2024 
Middlesex Community College Academic Catalog and Student Handbook 2023-2024 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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World Languages Option

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Associate in Arts, Liberal Arts and Sciences

Bedford Campus and Lowell Campus - Day and Evening

Program Description:

The World Languages Option Associate in Arts, Liberal Arts and Sciences degree program is designed to develop students’ global perspective, enable them to understand different cultures and value systems, and prepare them to participate in a society characterized by linguistic and cultural diversity.  This program option allows the student to master one world language at the completion of the 4th semester level of proficiency, and another at the completion of the 2nd semester level of proficiency.  Graduates of this program of study will be able to transfer into a world language major or minor, and satisfy the four-semester level world language requirement at a bachelor’s degree program.  This program qualifies for MassTransfer, which guarantees credit transfer to Massachusetts state universities and the University of Massachusetts system. 

Career and Transfer Outlook:

Graduates who communicate in a world language in addition to English are highly sought after in many fields that may include law enforcement, medicine, education, and international business.  The World Languages Option degree allows a student to continue language study at the transfer institution.  This option also prepares students to pass world language four semester requirement for many bachelor’s degree programs.   

Helpful Hints:

It is suggested that non-language courses emphasize world issues to enhance language study.

Program Outcomes:

Graduates of the World Languages Option Transfer Program are prepared to meet MCC World Language Institute student learning outcomes and world-readiness standards for learning languages:  www.actfl.org as follows:

  • Listen to recognize a speaker’s feelings or attitudes. 
  • Speak to convey simple relevant information emphasizing most important point.
  • Read to derive probable meaning of simple unknown words from short familiar contexts and scan a simple text, using headings and graphics.
  • Write a description of a future event or activity and a story with simple linear sequence.
  • Demonstrate ability to communicate effectively in more than one language in order to function in a variety of situations and for multiple purposes which include interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational modes of communication.
  • Use language to investigate, explain, and reflect on the relationships between practices and products and perspectives of the cultures studied. 
  • Evaluate and analyze information to connect with other disciplines and acquire diverse perspectives to use language to function in academic and career-related situations by the fourth semester of study.  
  • Investigate, explain, and reflect on the concept of culture through comparisons of the cultures studied and their own.
  • Use the language both within and beyond the classroom to interact and collaborate in the community and the globalized world. 


Required Courses

Total Credits: 61-63

* Math must be MAT 120 or above

Fulfills the Core Curriculum

Recommended Courses for the World Language Option

Science: Environmental Studies (ENV 115 – 3 credits) or Environmental Science with lab (ENV 131– 4 credits) is recommended.

Languages (The number of semesters of instruction currently available appears in parenthesis): Arabic (4), Chinese (4), Finnish (4), French (4), German (4), Italian (4), Japanese (4), Khmer (4), Latin (3), Portuguese (4), Spanish (4), Russian (4), Greek (2), Hebrew (2), and Hindi (1).

Admission Note:  Students entering the program will be given placement tests to take advantage of previous language study. 

Note: Additional coursework may be required based on college placement testing. Students are urged to meet with their academic advisor for proper course sequencing.

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