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Middlesex Community College Academic Catalog 2013-14 
Middlesex Community College Academic Catalog 2013-14 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Academic Resources


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MCC offers a variety of academic resources, services and programs to assist students and enable them to successfully complete their studies. These college-wide resources include the campus libraries, tutoring services, Flexible Studies courses, and support services for those with disabilities.


Library and Computer Access


The MCC Libraries, located in Bedford and Lowell, house more than 55,000 books, as well as magazines, and video and audio recordings. The collection at each campus has been developed to support the research needs of the courses offered there. As a member of the North of Boston Library Exchange (NOBLE), Middlesex participates in a cooperative program allowing our students to borrow from a shared collection of more than 1 million items in a wide variety of formats.

Each MCC library subscribes to approximately 150 magazines and journals. This print collection is supplemented by Internet access to more than 10,000 others through the libraries’ databases. These databases are available to search within the libraries or can be searched remotely from any computer having Internet access to the college website: www.middlesex.mass.edu/Library.

Librarians at both campuses are available to assist students with finding materials and conducting library research. They provide group instruction on all areas of information literacy in the electronic classroom available in each library.

In addition to these academic resources, all computers for general student use – both for the purposes of library research and to complete course assignments – are located in the libraries. These computers have been integrated throughout the libraries and are reserved for use by MCC students only. Wireless network access is available in both campus libraries.

The Bedford Campus Library is located in the Academic Resource Center (Building 1); 781-280-3708. The Lowell Campus Library is located in MCC’s Federal Building, 50 Kearney Square; 978-656-3004. Visit the MCC Libraries online at: www.middlesex.mass.edu/Library

Academic Computing


MCC students are provided access to the Middlesex Community College Portal (myMCC) on the college website (mymcc.middlesex.mass.edu), e-mail, the Internet and the World Wide Web, and have open access to computers at various locations on campus. Campus computers are equipped with software for word processing, spreadsheet and other applications to work on academic projects and assignments.

In Bedford, open computer access is available in the library and Writing Center, located in the Academic Resources Building (Building 1). In Lowell, computers are available in the library (Federal Building), the Writing Center (City Building, LC 406B), the Language Arts Center (City Building, LC 403) and in the Derby Building (88 Middle St., Room 204). Please check the specific hours of availability for each facility on the myMCC Web portal, as times may vary and are subject to change.

In addition, wireless network computer access is available in most areas of Middlesex, including the libraries and cafeterias on both campuses. To read MCC’s Computer and Network Usage Policy in full, see Policies & Regulations.

Flexible Studies



Flexible Studies provides an alternative to traditional classroom instruction where flexible scheduling, individual pacing, extended study, and late course starts are all possible.  Students in Flexible Studies use a variety of learning tools – texts, videos, instructional software, and online resources. Flex instruction appeals to a variety of learning styles and scheduling needs, incorporating online learning, mini-lessons, small-group study, projects, and individualized instruction.  Flexible Studies offers more than 65 courses in Humanities, English, ELL (English Language Learning), and 13 World Languages. 

In Flex Studies you can…

• Accelerate – Finish your course early or, in some cases, even complete two courses in one semester
• Slow down – Spend more time learning concepts or take more than one semester to finish your course
• Start late – Based on available space and course requirements you may be able to begin a course after the add/drop date
• Combine face-to-face and online  – Blended learning has the benefits of in-class study and online work
• Adjust your schedule – mix and match day, evening, and Saturday hours between campuses, or change class hours during the semester

Flexible Studies Locations: 
• Bedford in Academic Resources Center (Bld. 1), First Floor,
• Lowell in the City Building Room 406A, and in the Pollard Building, Fourth Floor

For more information, visit the Flexible Studies website: https://www.middlesex.mass.edu/flexiblestudies/
call 978-656-3350, or email questions to fs@middlesex.mass.edu


Academic Support Program and Tutoring Services


The goal of MCC’s Academic Support Department and its Centers for Learning is to help students “learn how to learn” and thereby develop the skills necessary to be successful students. MCC learning centers provide a challenging and supportive environment, where students can work independently and collaboratively. They can achieve academic success by gaining an understanding of their learning styles, and by mastering learning strategies that can be applied to their courses.

Located on both the Bedford and Lowell campus, the Centers for Learning offer drop-in help, as well as group and individual appointments, depending on the subject matter. Tutoring and support in writing, reading/study skills, math, science, computer applications, computer science, accounting, business, economics, nursing and ELL (English Language Learner) courses are offered. Online tutoring and support is also available in many subjects.

Students are encouraged to visit the Centers for Learning early in the semester. Hours and locations differ. For more information, call 781-280-3591 or visit our website: www.middlesex.mass.edu/tutoringservices.

Academic Support Services for Students with Disabilities


The Disability Support Services (DSS) Office at Middlesex provides support for individuals who have physical, psychiatric or learning disabilities. Students with documented disabilities may be eligible for accommodations and/or services which could include testing accommodations, note-takers, pre-registration advising, assistive technology and/or tutoring. For further information about disability support services, call 781-280-3630.

Note: For students with significant learning disabilities who would find traditional college-level academics too challenging, even with extensive support services, MCC offers the Transition Program .