Jun 26, 2019  
Middlesex Community College Academic Catalog 2018-19 
Middlesex Community College Academic Catalog 2018-19

ITC 111 - Scripting for Security


Course Description: This course introduces fundamental scripting concepts including basic security (e.g., bound checking, input validation, etc.), program commands, control structures, functions, debugging, and basic Boolean logic operations using Python.  Students will learn to design, develop, and implement platform-independent scripts through practical Python applications using real-world scenarios.  By the end of the course students will be able to demonstrate concrete conceptual understanding of programming in several important scripting contexts. 4 lecture hours

Prerequisite(s): Eligible for ENG 101; completion of ITC 101; placement above or completion of MAT080 or completion of Math Module 12, 73, or 82.
Note(s): N/A

Course Student Learning Outcomes:
  • Use Python to create, test and debug simple scripts (e.g., to automate system administration tasks).
  • Use program control flow (Boolean and conditional logic) and loop control structures (while loops, for loops, and iteration).
  • Explain the type of variable, data types, functions, File I/O and error-handling via exceptions found in Python
  • Solve problems by creating fully functional scripts.
  • Employ shared development skills by development of scripting application in a team environment.
  • Create an effective presentation to communicate aspects of application development.

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