Jun 19, 2019  
Middlesex Community College Academic Catalog 2018-19 
Middlesex Community College Academic Catalog 2018-19

ENV 113 - Weather and the Atmosphere


Course Description: Students are introduced to weather elements and observations that include atmospheric temperature, pressure, moisture, global air circulation patterns, and air masses. Understanding of the interaction of these various elements of the atmosphere is key to weather analysis and forecasting and will lead to a brief introduction to the more severe forms of weather such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and thunderstorms.

ISLOs: This course supports student development of Written and Oral Communications, Critical Thinking, and Quantitative Literacy.
Prerequisite(s): Eligible for ENG 101.
General Education Elective(s): Science
Note(s): This course has been approved to meet the Core curriculum General Education Requirement.

Course Student Learning Outcomes:
  •  Express ideas logically, completely, and coherently using appropriate projection, timing, body language or other non-verbal cues as well as minimizing the use of vocal segregates while delivering oral presentations.
  •  Create written reports or documents that address the assignment task, supply adequate supporting evidence, interpretation, analysis or conclusions. 
  •  Enumerate the limitations as well as the benefits of the technologies employed in modern weather forecasting. 
  •  Convert numerical or symbolic data into English written or verbal communication
  •  Analyze data to make predictions of future meteorological events.
  •  Interpret map symbols to formulate projections and account for deviation from those projections.

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