May 23, 2019  
Middlesex Community College Academic Catalog 2018-19 
Middlesex Community College Academic Catalog 2018-19

ENV 108 - Renewable Energy


Course Description: An examination of the need for sustainability in our use of energy resources. We will discuss the problems with dependence on non-renewable fossil fuels, including energy insecurity, air pollution, and global warming. Alternatives to be explored include: conservation, solar energy, wind power, hydropower, biomass, and hydrogen fuel cells. Students will conduct personal energy audits and cost-benefit analyses. Additionally, environmental, science, and economic data will be analyzed and “energy in the news” articles will be used to highlight developments in this rapidly changing field.
Prerequisite(s): Eligible for ENG 099; and eligible for MAT 080, Math Module 70 or 80.
General Education Elective(s): Science
Note(s): N/A

Course Student Learning Outcomes:
  •  Explain the difference between conservation of energy and energy conservation
  •  Discuss the relationship between population pressure and energy demands
  •  Determine if an energy source is renewable and on what timescale
  •  Evaluate where renewable energy sources will work best
  •  Discuss the pros and cons of different energy sources such as nuclear energy and biomass power 
  •  Evaluate differing energy policies and the risks of foreign fuel dependence
  •  Develop strategies for improving sustainability and “green energy” awareness in the your community

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