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    Middlesex Community College
  Feb 19, 2018
Middlesex Community College Academic Catalog 2015-16 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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Performing Arts – Music Option

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Associate in Science, Liberal Studies

Bedford Campus and Lowell Campus - Day - Starts Fall or Spring

Program Description:

Students in the Performing Arts Associate in Science, Liberal Studies program focus on skill acquisition and may choose to transfer to specialized bachelor’s degree programs or nonacademic programs. Students select an option to help define their preferred curricula and to guarantee a solid foundation in the performing arts. The Performing Arts Concentration is also appropriate for students seeking a terminal degree. In the Music Option, students acquire basic music skills, in both theory and performance, knowledge about a variety of musical styles through the survey courses, and performing experience through the student recitals in the college concert series.

Career and Transfer Outlook:

The LS-Performing Arts, Music major is recommended for a student who plans to transfer to a university or conservatory music program which requires a performance audition. Most students receiving an associate degree in Music from Middlesex transfer to a university music program. The great majority of these programs require a performance audition and a music theory placement test in order to major in any area of music. So whether a student is considering performance, music education, music composition, music business or sound recording/engineering, a performance audition is almost always required.

Please see the LAS- Fine and Performing Arts, Music major if a student plans to transfer as a music minor or to an academic field of music such as Music History.


Helpful Hints:

Students interested in transferring to a bachelor’s degree program should look at the Fine and Performing Arts Music Option in Liberal Arts and Sciences.

It is strongly recommended that students begin their educational career at Middlesex with foundation-level courses in English and math, along with one or two program requirements.

Program Outcomes:

Students in the Performing Arts Music Option program will achieve the learning outcomes of the Liberal Studies degree. Additionally, graduates are prepared to:

  • Demonstrate basic music skills in both music theory and performance;
  • Make use of music technology;
  • Be knowledgeable about a variety of musical styles;
  • Demonstrate performing experience through participation in student recitals in the college concert series.

Required Courses

Total Credits: 60-61

*Preparation for College Math will NOT satisfy this requirement, unless Modules 1-12 have been completed.
**If math, preparation for College Math will NOT satisfy this requirement, unless Modules 1-12 have been completed.
*** Examples of Academic (or non-applied) Music Courses:
MUS 101 Music Appreciation
MUS 102 World Music
MUS 103 Introduction to American Music
MUS 104 Introduction to Jazz
MUS 106 Introduction to the Music Business
MUS 110 Music Theory I
MUS 111 Sound Recording I
MUS 120 Introduction to Music Technology
MUS 160 Music Theory II
MUS 161 Sound Recording II
MUS 170  Music Technology II

**** Examples of Applied Music Courses:
MUS 130 Piano I
MUS 180 Piano II
MUS 230 Piano III
MUS 280 Piano IV
MUS 131 Guitar I
MUS 181 GuitarII
MUS 132 Voice I
MUS 182 Vice II
MUS 134 Percussion Methods
MUS 140 Chorus and Basic Musicianship
MUS 190 Chorus II
MUS 241 Guitar Ensemble
All of the Independent Studies:
MUS 211 and MUS 261 Independent Study in Theory and Composition
MUS 231 and MUS 281 Independent Study in Classical Guitar
MUS 232 and MUS 282 Independent Study in Voice
MUS 233 Independent Study in Percussion
MUS 234 Independent Study in Violin/Viola
MUS 290 and MUS 291 Independent Study in Piano

♦ Fulfills the Core Curriculum

Note: It is essential for students to work closely with their academic advisor for proper course sequencing. Additional coursework may be required based on college placement testing. The following courses will NOT satisfy any requirements for graduation: Math Modules 1-8 in MAT 001 or MAT 002.

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