Feb 21, 2019  
Middlesex Community College Academic Catalog 2018-19 
Middlesex Community College Academic Catalog 2018-19

MAT 296 - Linear Algebra II


Course Description: Topics will include, Linear Transformations, Linear operators, Change of base, Inner product and the diagonalization problem. Quadratic forms, Convex sets and geometric programming. Input/output models, Markov chains. Applications from Business, Science, and Engineering will be included. Students will learn to recognize and express mathematical ideas symbolically, numerically and graphically.


Prerequisite(s): Completion of MAT 295 with a C or better.
Note(s): N/A

Course Student Learning Outcomes:
  • Construct an orthonormal set using the Gram - Schmidt process.
  • Determine eigenvalues and eigenvectors.
  • Use matrices to solve problems such as least-squares and systems of linear differential equations.
  • Connect Linear Algebra to other fields of study such as: economics, engineering and computer science.

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