Mar 18, 2019  
Middlesex Community College Academic Catalog 2018-19 
Middlesex Community College Academic Catalog 2018-19

SON 228 - Clinical Practicum V


Course Description: A continuation of SON 222 in which the student will continue to apply the didactic and clinical knowledge acquired from all previous courses. Clinical instruction and practice will be provided with an introduction to scanning protocols and techniques for pediatric exams, emphasis on identifying abnormalities with small parts and lower extremity venous Doppler studies. Continued practice of recognizing abnormalities in the fetus in second and trimester. There will be an opportunity to observe/assist with obstetrical invasive procedures, biopsies (breast, thyroid, abdominal and pelvic organs), thoracentesis, paracentesis and other interventional and operating room procedures. 24 hours per week

Prerequisite(s): Completion of SON 222.
Note(s): Open to Diagnostic Medical Sonography students only.

Course Student Learning Outcomes:
  • Perform routine and abnormal obstetrical, abdominal, and pelvic sonographic examinations.
  • Perform routine sonographic exams of various structures and lower extremity vasculature. 
  • Perform routine pediatric sonographic exams.
  • Demonstrate aseptic technique while assisting with invasive/interventional procedures.

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